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Fox Vettes, Appleton Wisconsin, Corvette Club

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                         FOX VETTES     CORVETTE CLUB


            Fox Cities Corvette Club   was founded in  2003 by 4 Corvette owners located in Appleton, Wisconsin.   Corvettes in our club vary throughout the spectrum in  color, years, shape and performance.  We have many members that drive their cars daily as well as others that get more enjoyment cruising with a group of vettes to various functions.

          Our Commitment and Dedication of Fox Vettes is to provide an opportunity for all Corvette owners to meet and share their experience of the   Chevrolet  Corvette, America's Favorite Sports Car.  The Club provides an organizational structure through which Corvette owners can join in camaraderie, pleasurable recreation and the enjoyment of owning a Corvette.  Our cruises vary from an afternoon drive to the local ice cream parlor, a day of driving to points   of     interest or a 2-3 day run to an out of state event.



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