Arrive 5-5:30 pm      Dinner 6:00 pm

Please notify Jim Reid by the Monday before so we have an approx. head count  for the dinner!


2020 Dinner Schedule


To Be Determined




Upcoming Events


  •  June 7th – Sunday will be trip around Lake Winnebago with start up at Forest Mall in Fond Du Lac with a stop at Waverly Beach if you choose to join the caravan.

  •  July 19th – Sunday, Combined Locks celebrating their 100th Centennial and have asked to participate in a short parade that will start at 12 noon. 

  • July 2020 - Brad and Kathy are looking at cruising to the Black Hills Corvette Classic in Spearfish, South Dakota.  The 2020 event takes place July 15-19 so if you are interested you need to book a room and watch for information at  The choice hotel would be the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Spearfish, SD.

  • FOX VETTES MEMBERS - we have talked about this event at several recent meetings and I talked individually with many of you about the event.  I just received the room contract from the Holiday Inn in Spearfish (the event sponsor hotel) which is the best venue to stay at in Spearfish.  If you intend to join Kathy and me for this event in 2020 and want to stay at the sponsor hotel you need to make your reservation ASAP.  This hotel, while a bit pricey, fills up very fast and then you are left with some inferior hotels to stay at in the Spearfish area unless you go to Deadwood, South Dakota and stay at one of the casinos. That option puts you out of the mainstream and requires a lot of back and forth, up and down the interstate.

  • I am extending an invitation to members of Valley Vettes who might want to caravan over to the event with us as well as Vettes of the Bay in Green Bay and possibly a couple other clubs from Wisconsin.  It would be kid of fun to arrive in Sioux Falls, SD (first stop on the journey to Spearfish and a fun stop) with a bunch of cars from Wisconsin.

  • I will be sending more information on hotels in the Sioux Falls areas to our members this week.  Not as urgent to book there as a lot of hotels are in the greater Sioux Falls Area.

  • For those who have thought about attending this event but never have, in my opinion, this is absolutely the BEST Corvette Event to attend in the USA that we have found so far so I encourage all members who can to attend.


  • Wednesday - July 15, 2020 we will be staying in Sious Falls, SD (information on hotels will be sent this week)

  • Thursday - July 16, 2020 we will be staying presumably at the Holiday Inn in Spearfish, SD if you make a reservation promptly

  • Friday - July 17, 2020 we will be staying at the Holiday Inn in Spearfish, SD

  • Saturday - July 18, 2020 we will be staying at the Holiday Inn in Spearfish, SD

  • Sunday - July 19, 2020 is checkout at the Holiday Inn.  Kathy and I will be heading to North Dakota and all others are welcome to join us for a 2-day ride back to The Valley!

  • August 20-23, Vettes on the Rockies Adventure. Looking Glass Corvette Association is looking for interested parties to join them in Steamboat Springs, CO. Registration opens Feb. 1, 2020. You can contact LGCA for information on their website Don’t miss traveling through the Rockies and past “Rabbit Ears” on the way up to SBS.

  • October 4-5-6-7 - FALL COLOR TRIP - Sunday thru Wednesday this year!  We have 10 rooms set aside but cannot officially reserve them until 4-1-2020.  We are staying at Lake of the Torches Hotel and Casino!! Room rates are set at $82/night which Larry Frentzel did a terrific job of negotiating.   If you want to put your name on the room list please do this ASAP by responding to Brad Wessley and let him know if you want two double beds, 1 Queen or 1 King.  First responses will get priority in the order received.  More information will be sent out as we get closer to the event.  You do not have to attend all 4 days but why wouldn't you?  If you want fewer days for your hotel reservation, let Brad know when you respond. 

  • Contact:  Brad Wessley - or 920-284-8170

  • September 25th – License to Cruise with featured car being the Pontiac.

  • 2020 EVENT:

  • August 20th to 23rd – Vettes on the Rockies Adventure with the Looking Glass Corvette Association to Steamboat Springs, CO.  Information on their web site at


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